29 Jul

Welcome to BlazingTalons! We are researchers and legal professionals who talk about will disputes and contentious probate. Losing a loved one can be very difficult and is hugely upsetting for family and friends alike. Then when the will is released and understood it’s possible that there are reasons why the family might want to contest the will. In the UK there are several exceptions that allow for contentious probate and we discuss them here. To speak to a legal professional about will disputes please contact us.

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Property Will – An Obstacle In Relations

08 Jul

A will is usually a document or anything such which states the amount one is entitled to in his/ her family property, or it is something which tells about a person’s rights in the family property. Problem arises when there are healthy families having will disputes.

How much can a property exactly affect a family?

A will can affect adversely, the people entitled to the will. I would like to take this further with something to agree on this statement. I have an experience of property will dispute of my own family. This is about this property dispute I faced a while ago, when my grandfather died and he had stated some amount to be shared among me and my cousin. We both had this property to be shared as per the will. Now, after some time, when we actually decided to sort out this will issue, that was when it came to my knowledge that my cousin had made some changes in the will without my permission and he had shared the property as per his requirements, believing that I would never try to sort out this family property distribution. But then, just as I decided to share the property, he tried to convince me not to do it at that moment, but after some time. But I wanted it to happen at that time since I had to move somewhere else and I wanted everything to be sorted out. So, when I insisted, he had to fix a meeting for the same. Now, when I saw the will, it was something different than what I was aware about. So, I stated that there is something wrong and also told him that my grandfather had earlier given me a copy of the will to keep for any reasons I could need it. This was something he wasn’t aware of. So, he asked how I managed to get a copy of the same. On my reaction, he refused that there are no changes being made in the will and that it was the will as per my grandfather had prepared. But, since I had a copy, I never accepted that it was the same and so, I told him that I would take him to courts for this and would contest a will. Before this whole issue, I used to trust him as a real brother and we were also too familiar with each other. But after this issue, our relation took such a cruel turning point that no one could ever make it the same as before. So I will completely accept the fact that relations weaken and affect very badly due to property will disputes.

The issue will not end until you fight for yourself!

Now, for challenging a will, it was really a big deal for a normal person to act such a thing. But I had decided I will not stop until I get my right. So, with this, I filed a suit against him and decided to sue him for such. Again, he denied and hired an advocate, and further challenged me to defeat me in the court. I, although having no other proof of the copy being original, tried my best to get an advocate to solve my issue since in such will disputes, original documents are usually a must. My advocate told me that I could prove my point by finding out the lawyer who had originally made the will with my grandfather. I never knew who made it since I never had any idea when had my grandfather made the will. But somehow I managed to get the contact of that lawyer with the help of some relatives who had this knowledge of the lawyer who usually helped my grandfather with some issues. And hence I proved my case but sill he gave some other contentions and I could not actually get the whole amount I was entitled to, yet I got a part of it. The good part is, my cousin also could not succeed what actually he was up to and thus, the issue was sorted out, but our relation got disturbed and could never take the same point that it earlier had.

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How To Resolve Will Dispute?

11 Oct

Will dispute the biggest problem of my life

The worst problem that I ever faced in my life is will disputes. When my father passed away, the entire family was in shock. Then, when the monetary affairs of the deceased required to be attended to, was a truly a very big strain. From my experience, I can say that talk of money can always lead to some sorts of simmering emotions. When I decided to contest a will, I had a major long-term effect on relationships within the family. I was curious to know about the will or the legal document made by the deceased prior death. I wanted to know about my share in the estate, property and assets. I admit that I was thinking selfishly, but the money was very vital for me at that time, as I had a great loss in my business and wanted to start new business and lead my family. So, it was truly imperative for me to get to know what is there in the will written. When I found that I had got very little share in the deceased property when compared to my siblings, I was certainly disappointed.

Will dispute solicitor – The ray of hope

When I consulted a will disputes solicitor, he suggested some ideas to solve will disputes efficiently. I then under the guidance and assistance of the solicitor decided for challenging a will. It was very difficult for me to fight for my rights against the opposition of my family and relatives. But, my strong determination made this difficult decision. Those days were really terrible, and all of were against me and none supported me in my decision, but luckily, I had approached the best will dispute solicitor who assisted and supported me throughout the legal proceedings and fought for my rights in the court. I must say that only with the aid of an attorney I was easily able to get my right share in the property. I still, wonder why only I had got very less share in the property. However, now I am happy to get my rights back with the aid of an attorney. I really struggled a lot to get my share and solve the will disputes. Those days were truly terrible and stressful. But, thanks to the attorney for showing the right path and guiding me to achieve my property rights. The fact is I took several days to find the best solicitor; finally my decision proved to be right as I got the best solicitor because whom I won the case.

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Ways To Solve Will Disputes

08 Feb

My life’s journey

I was a member of a big family; my father had 4 sons and two daughters. We all were living happily together in our city bungalow. Sadly, the happiness was ruined after my father’s death. Our property and estate were away from the city, and my father was looking after our property alone. Due to his sudden death, all of use was in a shock, but the sad part was none of them were ready to live the luxurious life of the city and migrate to village where our estate was there. Being the youngest son, I took the responsibility of estate and property and decided to look after property and land which was away from the city. None of my brothers or sisters came with me, I alone with my wife and small kids were looking after that property. I was very happy to live in a small house near our estate I and my wife struggled hard to make organic plantation to make money, and I dint had any other source of making money to lead my family. Everything was going well then onwards. But one sad day, my elder brother to came to know that my father had written a will stating that whoever after his death will look after the ancestor’s property will be the owe that property. Due to this will disputes was aroused in our family.

How I successfully resolved my will dispute

I was very much saddened from this new will dispute problem, so I thought to solve the will disputes smoothly and efficiently, but I was not finding any method to make it possible. Thanks to my friend who said me about a technique to solve such an issue. I, then decided to use this technique to solve the dispute as I wanted all of us to live happily. I took the help of the will dispute solicitor, to solve this issue. The solicitor went through the problem and assured to help me in getting my rights. But, I wanted all of us to live happily as before. It was quiet impossible to make an agreement without having any legal proceedings, as none of my elder brothers or sisters never listened to me, and I thought instead of letting property in wrong hands, it is better to fight for my rights and to be the owner of the property. Will disputes are much stressful and complex, as suggested by my friend I decided to take the aid of the best solicitor who can aid me throughout the legal proceedings and aid me to get my share in the property. Thanks, to the attorney who cautiously, handled this case and fought for my rights and finally, with the assistance of the best attorney I won the case. One wrong mistake could have ruined my life, so it is beneficial to seek the aid and support of the best attorney in such cases. Now, I am happily staying with my family in my estate. To solve will, family or property disputes it is vital to seek the assistance of reliable and experienced attorney. For further reading about will disputes please return to the homepage.

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